Airport Parking Center: website, booking system, admin interface

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Airport Parking Center: website, booking system, admin interface

The Airport Parking Center is a long-term parking lot, near the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest, Hungary.

The aim was to change the previous WordPress- based site to a new system that is available in several languages, provides the opportunity to the passengers to book their parking place and which also has its own dedicated administrative surface.


The first step was a meeting with Mr Takács when we discussed the expectations, agreed upon the exact operation of the functions needed to be implemented and determined the timing of the development.

Then I carried out the basis of the website. The basic was a content handling system developed by me, through which an optional number of text sites with optional content can be within the system, in several languages. The mutual text parts of the site (SEO keywords, menu items, contact information) can also be administrated.

After I have finished the basis, I uploaded all the data from the previous WordPress-based site to the new system, so that the look of the website remained the same for the visitors, but my new system was responsible for the operation of it.

The next step was the form of the online booking system. On the booking site the passengers can choose if they would like to book an outdoor or an indoor parking place, he can set the exact date of the arrival and the departure and the number of further passengers. They can also give their flight number, so that the minibus provided by the parking lot can transport them to the terminal on time.Airport Parking Center - Időpont foglalás

In addition to these, they can order extra services, e.g. luggage wrapping, car cleaning – they can choose these services on the booking page.

Administrative surface

Then came the most important step, the implementation of the administrative surface which handles the bookings.

Airport Parking Center - Admin felület

It is a multifunctional surface, with which the differerent types of parking places can be matched with the prices, it gives you a summary on the all-time number of the bookings, you can follow the movement of the leaving and arriving cars and it also gives the chance to consider the incoming bookings.

The available number of parking places is also can be set on the administrative surface, so if the lot is full, the system automatically warns the passanger that there are no available places for them.

The surface can be reached with various titles, so the management can set the prices, change the content of the text pages, however the customer service workers can only reach the list of the arriving and leaving cars.

Other functions

There is a possibility to co-operate with other companies, e.g. travel agencies, so that the partner codes can be written into the system and if the passangers give their code upon booking, they can get a discount. The amount of the discount can be given in percent and it is automatically subtracted from the list fee.

In case of a successful booking the system sends an automatic message to the passanger’s e-mail address with all the details of the booking, the connection data and a map which helps to find the parking lot.

After completion

After delivering the system we remained in touch with the procurer company. Updates and new functions are regularly put onto the page. The number of the available languages was also widened as an additional development, just as a ”Route planner” button, with which you can reach the itinerary of the Google Maps.


The base of the system is Symfony, which is a PHP framework. All the data is stored on a MySQL server, which can be reached  through the Doctrine –that is the default ORM of the Symfony. With the use of this match it is easy and fast to develop every kind of webpages, administrative surfaces or applications.

I used Bootstrap for the user interface, so in this way I can use the 12 column grid system, stylized input fields, navbar, etc. By using the appropritate classes the surface will be responsive right away, there’s no need to create a separate mobile, tablet and desktop view.

JQuery and AngularJS has been used for the admin. With the custom Angular directives the list of bookings are easily sortable and filterable by various options. With the additional bundles installed to the Symfony base, the list is exportable to XLS, so the admin can archive or print the daily events, if necessary.

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