Day minus 59: quit from daily job

How to start a company in 30 days

Day minus 59: quit from daily job

I always wanted to have my own company and also had a goal: to not have a boss when I turn 30. At the same time I also had a few problems, or maybe ‘excuses’.

Plot twist: I turned 30 a month ago and I was still an employee.


My dream was to invent something, which is not exists yet. Some revolutional idea, at least as huge as Facebook or Google, with which I can help people, save the world and things like this. But all my ideas were already implemented by someone else, usually in an even better way that I imagined and that always took away my enthusiasm and I just gave up before I even start.

Then as I grew older and got more experience in web development, I thought I could have my own web developer company. So second problem has arisen: how can I get clients? I mean regular clients who will pay enough to keep me above water, enough to maybe hire employees and to act like a real company. Actually I always had some clients and I was lucky enough to work on nice projects for them like the Airport parking center or the Voteshow, but I never thought that it could be enough and unfortunately I never made any effort to get new projects; people found me through friends or other clients and asked me if I can help. Then I did, but this was just like waiting for the miracle.


Finally, a couple of days ago I had an idea which then became my masterplan. What if I don’t have to invent something new? What if all I need is “just” to choose an idea, work really hard and hold onto, until it becames successful? From all of these probably the endurance is the biggest challange for me; since I’m pretty impatient.

Anyways, the masterplan is:

  • I will quit from my daily job, to be able to focus on my own goals, 100 percent
  • I will create something cool on the web, what is actually useful for people and potentially can generate income
  • if I lack of some knowledge to do something I want to do, I’ll learn. The internet is literally filled with unlimited knowledge mostly for free or for very cheap price, so anyone who wants to learn something, they surely can
  • I’ll use softwares, services, techniques and methodologies that I’d use ─ and I’d expect my employees to use ─ if when I’ll have my own company
  • during the project I’ll write daily blog posts about the progress, technical decisions, difficulties, failures and successes
  • I’ll also note my costs, just as an extra information and maybe to help others, who has similar plans
  • all this within 30 days

This serves multiple purposes.

First of all I’d like to prove myself that I can do it. I think a company owner should be able to make the right decisions, not just business-wise and people-wise but also professionally. I’m not saying that there is no room for mistakes. I know I’ll mess up things of course, even trivial ones but that’s natural; a learning curve.

I’d also like to prove to potential clients that my company is reliable; we are able to deliver in time what we’ve agreed, in impeccable quality and in a sustainable form.

I have to mention that the plan also serves as a backup plan, but this is really just the Z-plan. Namely: if my company will not make any income before I use all my savings, I guess I’ll have to apply to developer positions again. With this project as a reference, I might can save some rounds during the interviews. This is really just the worst case scenario, I don’t even want to think about it now but yeah, it can happen.

Go into action

Because of all of these on 31th of January, 2018 I sent my resignation letter to my supervisors. My notice period is 2 months, so in 59 days from now I’ll have no job but I’ll have enough savings to survive a few months, and most importantly I’ll have 24 hours a day to work on my own success. During this period I want to build a potentially sellable product, establish the base of my future company and make some actual profit.

Do you think it’s possible? I think it is.

Web developer, traveler, problem solver and future company owner. Lately a blogger.